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  • Mobile wireless automated software technology enables remote information systems for data collection. We provide customizable turnkey systems to equip your field agents with hand held portable internet enabled devices such as cellphones, PDA tablets and mini laptops. Transfer information and data from a central dispatch database server to your mobile staff quickly and easily; transfer data and feedback from field agents with instant retrieval technology.
  • MS Access online relational database demonstration with AJAX pre-fetch technology, supporting remote Internet enabled mobile users. Not as fast as SQL Server, but more than sufficient unless you have huge traffic demands.
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  • Article subjects include discussions about iPhone, HTC Touch, using antennas with cellphones, high speed internet and other topics of interest for mobile phone, tablet, PDA and mini laptop users.
  • The HTC Touch with an unlimited data plan has a high speed internet connection. Use it as an alternative to laptops with internet PC cards while traveling. Discover the best roaming plan rates for the lowest cost. Surf the internet and fetch your email on the road. Learn about tethering and using your phone as a modem. Find out what kind of internet speeds are possible, and which software programs to use for accessing the internet.
  • The 3G iPhone from Apple is apparently almost here, according to a press release from Apple today. Touted as 'twice the phone at half the price', it is slated for release shortly. Sporting more memory and faster internet speed, it will finally catch up with other 3G phones like the HTC Touch that have been out since late 2006. It will continue to be available exclusively in the USA through ATT, and Rogers is planning to be the exclusive distributor in Canada.
  • Cellphones external antennas and amplifiers boost reception in weak signal areas. One of the best features of the HTC Touch is the ability to connect an external antenna to boost the CDMA cell signal, for both voice and data. They can be used just as effectively on GSM phones too.