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Masterise™ Mobile Data Systems - mission statement:

Adrian Biffen, Senior PartnerMasterise™ is a mobile wireless automated software enabling technology for secure remote information systems data collection and sharing. Our name is the short form of the following:

"Mobile Automated Software Technology Enabling Remote Information System Environments"

Sprint HTC Touch Screen internet enabled mobile phoneThat's a verbose way of saying you can implement an online database system that can be accessed by users with mobile internet enabled phones (pictured) or any other internet terminal.

Your field agents, clients or associates can be equipped with hand held portable internet enabled devices such as cellphones, PDA tablets and mini laptops.

These devices, in conjunction with the Masterise™ system, provide the ability to send and receive data securely between remote users via a centralized database system.

Whether you have a service based enterprise or you are delivering goods, Masterise™ can be adapted to serve your needs perfectly. Some typical business application examples:

  • Service organizations such as appliance and electronic repairs
  • Courier services and other transportion providers
  • Professional engineering services

Our data servers are housed in a secure, fire proof, climate controlled environment featuring:

  • Automatic alarm systems notify our staff of any system failure on a 24 hour continuous basis
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and generators insure automatic, continuous uptime in the event of long term power failure and electrical surges
  • Continuous real-time backup ensures against catastrophic failures
  • Fault-tolerant, mirrored servers in a 'balanced load' configuration with direct connectivity to tier 1 Internet providers such as MCI, AT&T and Verio 
  • Traffic is performance-routed in real time to the fastest and most reliable backbone
  • Dedicated firewall servers provide intrusion detection and spam blocking protection

These features guarantee that you will have a secure, robust, trouble free system to grow your enterprise.